A sense of place …

IMG_0801Nicola lives and writes in the kitten heel of the Berkshire ‘shoe’, at the heart of the glorious North Wessex Downs. She has been writing professionally for more than a decade after winning The BBC Wildlife Magazine‘s Nature Writer of the Year Award. She writes a weekly column for the Newbury Weekly News, exploring her local wildlife and also writes for The RSPB members magazine, Nature’s Home and for the RSPB’s Junior Wildlife Explorers. She is the author of the new RSPB Spotlight: Otters. Published by Bloomsbury, the book is one of the first in an exciting, brand new series on iconic British Wildlife.

Writing in an accessible, literary and lyrical style, Nicola aims to engage, move and reconnect people with their wildlife in the hope   that they will then care enough to help stem its catastrophic loss.

Nicola lives with her husband and three children in the village of Inkpen, nestled below the big curve of the highest chalk hill in England. When she is not writing or doing the washing, she is often found sat outside badger setts or watching the birds.


4 thoughts on “A sense of place …

  1. So interesting to find your blog and the writing you do. I try a nature blog in Spain and like to connect up with nature blogs around the world. I have just read one of your articles in the RSPB magazine.

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