Wild Writing Workshops


Wild Writing at The Nature Discovery Centre. Photo by kind permission, Norman Jones, norriesite.com

Nicola runs Wild Writing Workshops for adults, for children, in schools and for families. She has worked with The Wildlife Trusts, delivering a poetry residency and workshops that culminated in a performance evening for The Nature Discovery Centre’s 30th Anniversary, she has delivered creative writing workshops to Secondary Schools and Primary-Secondary Transition projects, Wild Writing for Health and Wellbeing for Secondary School teaching and support staff – as well as events at Literary Festivals.

Nicola has also developed roving Story Steal Mash Ups – fun ways to inspire stories or poems and bring different venues together, from Libraries and Museums, to Bookshops, Bus Stops and Antiques Arcades, we ‘steal ideas’ and ‘mash’ them together. These work for adults and children.

Nicola is passionate about the power of reading, and has a term-time, day job as a Secondary School Librarian at a great school (which she loves!).  


Story Steal.indd

“Passionate about wildlife, writing and words, Nicola believes contact with nature and wildlife fires the imagination and can enliven anyone’s writing in any situation. What’s more, writing in an accessible, exciting and lyrical style can engage and move people, creating meaningful and memorable connections with their environment.”



‘The workshop Nicola ran for our Young Rangers Club was truly inspiring. She got the group (& leaders!) to see the reserve in a completely different way and encouraged them to use their senses to record things about the reserve which they loved. The work they produced was fantastic and really helped cement their connection with the reserve. One of our club has even been inspired to start writing more poetry!’ Becky O’Melia, BBOWTIMG_2349

‘Highly engaging’ Sarah Brinkley, Head, John O’Gaunt Secondary School

Quite literally, a breath of fresh air’ Teacher at Excalibur Academy, St John’s Marlborough

‘One of the highlights … the quality of the writing [from the children] was amazing’ and the use of language was so inventive.’ Emma Milne-White of Hungerford Literary Festival & the award-winning Hungerford Bookshop.

Wild Writing Workshops can be tailored to suit, from non-fiction descriptive and narrative writing to poetry and fiction, report or persuasive writing, writing for Health and Wellbeing, to How to Write a Non-Fiction Book. If appropriate and accessible, workshops are best taken outside, but can all be done by bringing the Wild inside with pictures, ideas, and found objects.

A small sample of the language we found on Freeman’s Marsh, for IMG_2333Hungerford Literary Festival’s Children’s Workshop …

“on the glisty marsh, trees are supported only by barbed wire … fingers drag through nibbled leaves IMG_2336and there is the smell of cinnamon … mud both hides and reveals footprints and a fox scampers away, unable to bear the sorrow of the marsh … burdock plants cling desperately to walkers like beggars on a street … mother nature is trapped, reborn and dies again in a hawthorn glade … there are leaves in pumpkin, apricot, rhubarb-and-custard hues, berries are like boiled sweets, underwater roots are the colour of damp and dirty burger buns …kingfishers blast through, jubilant in electric bubble-gum and carrot colours …”

“Listening to the trees was awesome!” DaisyIMG_1503

“I was shocked to hear how endangered our wildlife is and that we’ve got to help protect it”. “It was really cool thinking about it this way” Mia and Zach 

“When I knew we were doing literacy I thought #groan, but now I think ‘oh yay!’ I really enjoyed it, I loved thinking about wild animal spirits” A new convert; Zoe 

Pupils from the 2-day Primary Project, at John O’Gaunt School

For more details, please contact Nicola: nicolawriting@gmail.com

Guide Rates:   From £25 per hour for shorter visits £150-£200 per event / daily rate – actual rates will vary based on length of event, preparation and journey time and distance and also for longer projects or multiple events. All rates are negotiable, so do please ask!


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