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2 thoughts on “Contacting Nicola

  1. I wanted to do beach combing with my grandchildren, 8,7 ,5 and 3 and was interested in your article in the RSPB magazine ( I particularly liked the picture ,was that done by your husband?)do you have any other notes that I could use to help prepare and get the children interested before we go to Cornwall ( Trevone) in the middle of next month. I hope you may be able to help or put me in a good direction. Tim

    • Hello Tim. Thank you very much for your comment. I’d recommend a couple of really good books: The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline by Steve Trewhella & Julie Hatcher and/ or The RSPB Handbook of the Seashore by Maya Plass – it’s great to look things up together, match what you’ve found with a name, description and picture in a book – and discover what they are. I hope (and am sure) they will have a wonderful time with you! The talented illustrator of my piece is Chris Shields – my lovely husband is not renowned for his drawing skills! All the best, Nicola.

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